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Reliance Auto Test is proud of its reputation as High Wycombe’s trusted car garage for all automotive services. From car repair work to car recovery – including clutch repair to brake repair services – and from MOT testing to car servicing, our technicians cover it all. On this page, we explain how we keep your vehicle in perfect shape and how we assist you when you run into difficulties. We aim this page at new drivers and those who may not have used our car garage before, but hope our existing customers also get something out of it.


All manufacturers recommend that drivers (in High Wycombe and nationwide) invest into regular car servicing to ensure optimal performance. How often is usually detailed in your vehicle’s servicing schedule. Typically, we recommend that “full” car servicing is conducted once a year and “interim” car servicing at six-monthly intervals or after 6,000 miles from the date of your last full service – whichever comes sooner.


Our car garage in High Wycombe performs car servicing on any make or model of vehicle. There are many great reasons to invest into annual maintenance including:


  • Improved fuel economy and performance
  • Reduced chances of a breakdown
  • Lower annual car repair bills
  • A commitment to road safety
  • Preservation of vehicle resale value


Car servicing before an MOT can help you achieve a pass, particularly when combined with our MOT preparation services. If you want car servicing to dealership standards at a much more affordable price, we invite you to give us a call on 01494 473777

Car Repair Specialists for High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire

While car servicing keeps your vehicle in good shape and helps us identify any problems at the earliest stage, the chances are that you’ll still need to book in with us for the occasional car repair. This might be a simple form of brake repair, like replacing the pads, or an equally straightforward clutch repair such as replacing the cable or plate. Whatever the issue, our High Wycombe car garage handles car repairs at prices you won’t find at main dealerships.


We have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that communicates with your ECU (Engine Control Unit) to read stored fault codes. This gives the technicians at our High Wycombe car garage a comprehensive level of feedback on what is wrong with your vehicle. Once we know what the problem is, we’ll explain the issue clearly so you are 100% clear on which type of car repair you need and how much it will cost.


For brake repair and clutch repair work, our technicians perform a physical inspection but may use diagnostics if something has come up on your dashboard warning lights. Keep in mind that we use OEM compliant parts for brake repair and clutch repair work. This means we never affect your vehicle warranties and always offer our own workmanship guarantees.

Responsive Car Recovery in the High Wycombe Area

Even if you invest into regular car servicing and book in for car repair work as soon as it is required (especially brake repairs and clutch repairs), breakdowns are never completely out of the question. In fact, most High Wycombe motorists will deal with a breakdown at least once in their lifetime – it’s just one of life’s little nuisances and something that happens.


Reliance Auto Test offers a responsive car recovery service to any customer who breaks down in High Wycombe or the surrounding Buckinghamshire area.


We’ll quickly get to your location and figure out exactly what the problem is. If it’s a case of changing a tyre or providing you with petrol, we’ll get you up and running in no time at all. If we need to tow your vehicle to our car garage for a form of car repair, our company keeps you informed on what the issue is and how long it will take amend.


90% of the car repair work we derive from our car recovery services in High Wycombe is simple and straightforward, and we can usually fit it into our diary without delay.

Class IV MOT Testing in High Wycombe

If you own a vehicle which was manufactured over three years ago, you are legally obliged to book in for MOT testing every year at an approved DVSA car garage like our own facility in High Wycombe. While many find this to be a chore, it’s essential to ensure you are not only road legal, but also road safe. We never make MOT testing a hassle for our customers.


Reliance Auto Test offers air and transparent MOT testing, and we can perform any car repair work that’s needed for you to pass the inspection in advance. Should your vehicle fail an MOT test, we explain exactly why rather than keep you in the dark. One thing we never do is issue you a bill for car repairs you haven’t approved, which some garages might do.


Our car repair service in High Wycombe, for MOT failures or otherwise, includes all forms of brake repair, exhaust repair and clutch repair.

Call 01494 473777 to book in for car servicing or car repair work at our original car garage in High Wycombe.


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