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Most motorists in High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire understand that basic inspection and maintenance work on a weekly basis keeps cars in a safe and roadworthy condition. The biggest indicator of safety and roadworthiness is, of course, the annual MOT test. Reliance Auto Test has approved DVSA facilities in High Wycombe and in Bicester. We provide MOT inspections for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the Class IV category.


The annual MOT test is a check of physical and structural components around your vehicle. The inspection also looks at emission standards. Anybody in the High Wycombe area with a car aged three years or over must book in for an MOT test annually. Please be aware that your current pass certificate indicates the due date for your next MOT inspection.


At Reliance Auto Test, we know our High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire customers are busy people. It’s surprisingly easy to overlook the due date for an MOT test but, as soon as you start bringing your car to our popular car garage on Victoria Street, we send out timely reminders to let you know when all of the cars in your family are due an MOT inspection.

Passing the Annual MOT Test

The best way to give your car the best possible chance of passing the annual inspection is to book in at Reliance Auto Test for MOT preparation services. The technicians at our High Wycombe car garage know the components of the annual test inside-out, and will perform a pre-inspection of the physical and structural elements contained on the checklist. If they notice anything that could result in failure, it allows time to make repairs ahead of the test.


Local motorists in High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire can also conduct the following checks themselves to give their car a much better chance of passing the MOT inspection:


  1. Check the front and rear lights on main beam and dipped, and also the hazard lights and the indicators. You will need somebody to press down the pedal when checking the brake lights. Replace worn-out light bulbs before coming in for an MOT test.

  2. Check the tyre treads for wear and also the condition of the sidewalls for abrasions or swelling. High Wycombe motorists without a tyre gauge can use the dotted edge of a 20p coin to see if their tyres have sufficient depth to pass an MOT inspection.

  3. Check the handbrake tension before the MOT test. If it moves without any sort of resistance or the ratchet mechanism isn’t working properly, this is indicative of a problem and one that can only be resolved by a professional mechanic or technician.

  4. Check the driver’s seatbelt, and ensure it adjusts in both directions correctly. Also look for signs of damage over the full length. Check the remaining seatbelts in advance of the MOT inspection, making sure they lock when you tug them sharply.

  5. Check the windscreen condition. High Wycombe motorists should identify and repair imperfections wider than 10mm in the central view of the driver and check the wiper blade functionality. These are both common reasons for an MOT testing failure.


Please be aware that our car garage in High Wycombe offers discounted rates for customers who combine car servicing and MOT inspections into one package. For those who just want to book in for the MOT test itself, Reliance Auto Test offers inspections at prices set below the recommended DVSA rate – we’re always doing more to provide better value for money.

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